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The Official website for the Village of Hopedale, Ohio
The Official Historic Marker for the Village of Hopedale located in scenic Southeastern Ohio.
Hopedale is located in the Northeast corner of Harrison County. It is located on a 4 lane divided Highway approximately 20 miles from the Ohio River in Steubenville. The Pittsburgh International Airport is Approximately 60 miles  northeast. With a tax base of   58.47 mils, a 1% village income tax, ample water and sewage system, and abundant land available for possible growth.

All information presented on this website is believed to be accurate. Please contact the Village Tax Administrator at (740) 937-2857 with your tax questions. Do not send tax questions or personal information via email. Links presented on this site are presented with no endorsement, specific or implied, by the Village of Hopedale or its officers or employees.

Hopedale Village Building Phone# 740-937-2355 Fax# 740-937-2520

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